Monday, 23 June 2014

Just a quickie tip...

Well how fab is this sunshine! :)

As I was sat in the garden colouring (see never a grown up!) and I thought I'd share a tip about the graph'it markers, or markers in general.

Keep a colour guide!

As you play more with your markers, you will come across blends and colour combo's that go well together and trust me - if you don't write them down and you are anything like me, you will forget!

I have started to make a colour tag selection - skin colour combo's, hair, branches etc and it seems to be working well, especially for colours I don't usually use...although I now know my chosen skin colours by heart and I just grab them! (my go to skin colours in my Graph'it Markers are 4120, 4115, 4170 & 4145 with a little touch of 3110 if deeper shadow is needed).

My colour tag is made using the same card as I generally print or stamp my images onto so I know I will get a true colour match from it when I use them again :)

Happy crafting!

(Polkadoodles Challenge Design Team)


  1. excellent idea , I kept forgetting my colour combos so started to blog them along with my makes but love this idea xx

    1. I found without the tag I forget the colours when I come to blog them! a heap of scraps of paper with random numbers written on them lol This idea works great for me and its small enough to be easily at hand :)


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